I'm Josh Bains, a journalist, author coach and a book writer. I'd like to talk with you about how to max your influence.  

You have a message that hits home. Now you need a way to reach your audience that grows your followers into a movement.

That takes some serious explaining...

Almost anyone can write a blog. Many people can make a podcast. Not just anyone can write a book.

But maybe you can.

And even if you can't, don't want to, or don't have time - it doesn't mean that you don't have a book inside of you.

What I offer

  • Author Coaching - for up and coming Writers and Influencers who want help, editing oversight or one-to-one sessions to improve their own work.
  • Book Writing - I write e-books, print books or long form content such as reports and white papers. This tends to be business / web focused. 
  • Ghostwriting - intensive, professional partnership with you, the author to bring your personal book to life, involving extensive interviews, research, time and financial commitment.

To speak with me about coaching, book writing or ghostwriting for you - click here now.

We all love stories.

It's just that most people cannot bring words together to create substantial ideas page after page.

To create a book, you need someone with a unique skill set:

  • This includes interviewing. Getting a great message by listening to the author tell the story.
  • This also includes feature style journalism - honest, truthful and deep human reportage.
  • And it includes knowing what is a story, and how to tell it best for your audience.

It’s what the greatest writers, like Hemingway, George Plimpton and Stephen King have all studied. In it is everything you need to know about a tale, uniquely suited to our online generation.

Because it’s straightforward. 
Understandable. Hard hitting yet sensitive.

The Part about me

I grew up writing and received my MA in Journalism. I've created documentary films, visited 30 countries and lived abroad in Scotland, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Jerusalem. I'm published in the anthology Global Stories: Literary Journalism, Best of Class. I've worked as correspondent, associate editor and written many features for magazines and newspapers.


I've also worked in SEO, and served both in-house and in-agency as Senior Writer, working with dozens of clients - manufacturing, transportation, legal, medical, business management, MLM and self-development.

I love memoir, and I can also help you open a story-loop that clients love - with the right purpose - best for you, your business or your book.

  • I can help you figure out who you're talking to, and what they will respond to.
  • Explain what you care about or need to sell. 
  • Interview you, your executive team and outside sources. 
  • Deliver wonderful copy and long form writing that will transform the way you show up in the world.

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Writing a book doesn’t have to be so hard. (Okay, do it right, it has to be a little hard.)

You make it easier by hiring a book writer. 

If you like writing and just want a hand - you can take your influence, your story, to the next level by hiring me as your author coach. Or, if you don't want to write yourself, you can hire me as your book writer / ghostwriter. 

A word about book writers (or ghostwriters)

We’re all different. There isn’t a method that we use across the board, but they all include the following:

  • Interviewing
  • Listening for your best stories
  • Transcribing
  • Weaving themes together
  • Research
  • Writing / Editing
  • Revising

Some writers visualize the finished product first. (I tend to do this; it comes in a flash during one of our early conversations and I revise it along the way.) Other people don’t think past step one until they’re done with it.

Some writers ensure you won’t write a word, others are willing to work with you as a high-impact editor.

I’m flexible, because every author is different. I will often write every word. I’ve also worked side by side authors for months at a time to get to the finished draft.

The Author - Coach Relationship

The professional standard that I set for our relationship begins as your author coach and editorial partner. It’s your work, your thoughts and your name. You’re bringing the content. I’m filling and filing the edges.      

The standards I adhere to are the same I’ve used as a newspaper editor, magazine feature writer and account manager. These include setting goals and deadlines. With you, I add the role of coach, because what you’ll uncover and delve into as an author takes sensitivity to work through.

Plus, sometimes the ideas won’t all work out the first time through. Things will need editing, revision. I’m always going to tell you what I think, and the final decision is yours.

I’m the professional collaborator.

You’re the instigator.

I provide the assistance, knowledge, skill and resolve to see your book from dream to reality.

A handful of questions I’d like to ask you:

  1. What are you trying to achieve with your book?

  2. Who is your book for?

  3. Why do you have to write it?

  4. What will change for you and after you’ve written it?

  5. How will your book change your readers?

The process of book writing isn’t as simple as getting in front of your computer or your Hemingway pad and writing everything down.

Ideas hide.

Some are tucked away inside the folds of your unconscious.

You don’t know what you don’t know. But I guarantee that you will discover what you don’t know if you choose to create your book.   

"How Do I Know I’m Ready to Hire a Book Writer?"

Your talents are a gift. In fact, it's your unique talents that can separate you and reveal your most exemplary story. 

  • The one that is most you. 
  • That will pull the strongest in your market.
  • Or make the difference you seek to create in the world. 


1. You’re willing to hand me as much raw material as you have, to be extensively interviewed, to tell me your story and allow me to help you process your ideas for an ideal readership.

(This includes reading drafts, explaining what works for you about them, and how you think we can constructively improve them through your own opinions and insights.)  

2. You want a finished manuscript that is ready for a publisher’s editing department, self publishing, or to live on your platform.  

After spending an hour with Josh - I have discovered my core focus and direction, gained clarity and found new levels of enthusiasm and excitement to take my business in a new direction. Josh’s questions, his synthesis of my responses have led to something I could not have come up with alone. I look forward to a high energy process moving forward.
— Rachel Segalman, Professional Coach

I’d written the first draft of a book. Not just any book, but a deeply spiritual one that was going to significantly help our organization. I sent Josh that draft, and we ended up working on it together side by side for several months. 

He helped me transform the draft into a truly beautiful guide to spiritual seekers. It was published by Judaica Press, and I personally know that it helped many people. I received many compliments on the quality of the writing.
— Rabbi Asher Baruch Wegbreit, Yeshiva Bircas HaTorah
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I had just started my business from scratch when I found Josh Bains. He saw the potential in my practice and really took me on. He interviewed me, wrote my entire website, arranged a photo shoot to plaster wonderful pictures of me all over the site, and then had it built.

”He created my Facebook page and advised I start a Facebook group. Within 24 hours I had 400 followers, new clients and referrals. Now we’re writing a book together. There’s no stopping him.
— Rachel Welfeld, RachelWelfeld.com