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Copywriting & Branding



"He was instrumental
  in helping us
   Brand our

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Copywriting & Branding



"He was instrumental
  in helping us
   Brand our

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BOOK MORE of Yourself

Tap my decade of professional writing and creative experience to make the media you're dreaming about. Sites, LP's, Video Scripts, Sales and Branding Copy with STORY. Rocket your results with writing you can't find in an agency.


The Bains Storm

Winners Never Go It Alone

The Bains Storm

Winners Never Go It Alone


You're a survivor.

But you know that your good work would be even better if you allied with a partner to talk over your ideas. Because there is no such thing as an entrepreneur, author, speaker or a business owner who goes it alone.

The biggest gift that you can give yourself is to bring on a partner, a published writer-marketer:

  • to be your wing man, creative-consultant and tactician, 
  • bring you rich, new ideas about tapping your strengths,
  • PLUS offer you the writing chops to hit the next level.

As a senior-writer marketing for million dollar companies, a published author and broadcast video script producer, I've got the experience and ideas that can help you grow. 

I've worked in-house and in-agency, earned an MA in Journalism from the University of Hong Kong, and consulted with every kind of client - from manufacturing, transportation, legal, medical and business management to MLM and self-development pros and religious organizations. 

I invite you to speak with me today.


Book a Bains Storm Today

We'll work together privately to create a game plan that is just for you and your work. It's an idea tempest that blows open who you are, what you're doing and where you're going. 

You'll get new concepts and strategies that are actionable over the course of weeks and months.

But don't take my word for it...

After spending an hour with Josh - I have discovered my core focus and direction, gained clarity and found new levels of enthusiasm and excitement to take my business in a new direction. With his support I will be moving with velocity to bring my new program into being. Josh’s questions, his synthesis of my responses have led to something I could not have come up with alone. I look forward to a high energy process moving forward.
— Rachel Segalman, Professional Coach

You're an ideal candidate when:

  • You want to figure out what to write about or how to do it.
  • It's time for a new video
  • An unsolved business problem is stopping you in your tracks.
  • You're questioning your brand identity
  • You're concerned about what's next for your business
  • Debates are rumbling about how you can market properly
  • Your content ideas are puzzle pieces you can't fit together

How to Buy a Bains Storm

  1. Write your details in the Bains Storm Brief
  2. Book a time, get your link and send your payment.
  3. We'll talk one-on-one for a 60 minute Bains Storm.

Before the call I get ready for you, and during the call I'm going to offer you real strategies that you can use that are in response to what you've told me you wish to achieve. I'll answer every question that you ask me.


In fact, if I don't know the answer - I will tell you so, and then research the answer after our call and get back to you in email or on the phone within 24 hours.


The cost of a Bains Storm is $495. 


Why Buy a Bains Storm?

See What My Clients Say...

Why Buy a Bains Storm?

See What My Clients Say...


"I had just started my business from scratch when I found Josh Bains. He saw the potential in my practice and really took me on. He interviewed me, wrote my entire website, arranged a photo shoot to plaster wonderful pictures of me all over the site, and then had it built.
He created my Facebook page and advised I start a Facebook group. Within 24 hours I had 400 followers, new clients and referrals. Now we're writing a book together. There's no stopping him.
-Rachel Welfeld, RachelWelfeld.com


"I'd written the first draft of a book. Not just any book, but a deeply spiritual one that was going to significantly help our organization. I sent Josh that draft, and we ended up working on it together side by side for several months. 

He helped me transform the draft into a truly beautiful guide to spiritual seekers. It was published by Judaica Press, and I personally know that it helped many people. I received many compliments on the quality of the writing."

-Rabbi Asher Baruch Wegbreit, Mashgiach,
Yeshiva Bircas HaTorah



Real EstatE Grad school

"Josh listened to my webinars. Then he wrote blog posts, pulling together the most effective ideas. He did this on a regular schedule. He always met deadlines on time. In addition he effectively captured my voice. He distilled a lot of content and emphasized the key ideas. He even quickly picked up the implicit values of our company. 
His work brought us inquiries that became paying Clients and kept our Client base engaged."
-Rich Levin, Founder & CEO
Real Estate Grad School

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Work With Me

Work With Me


Your story is worth more

Your story, well told, is what your clients and readers are waiting to pay for. I offer you the creative consulting services that will give you more profit


3 ways to work with me

  1. Buy a 60 minute Bains Storm session here.
  2. Hire me as a Project Consultant here
  3. Hire me for a Writing Project here.


"Why Choose Josh?"

With me you can:

  • Write a book
  • Create video
  • Build or update your website
  • Start or revive your brand
  • Tell stories that you long to be heard

You'll get my expertise as senior writer in marketing, long-form writing and video script production.


I've served both in-house and in-agency, working with dozens of clients - manufacturing, transportation, legal, medical, business management, MLM and self-development. 

I also have a Masters Degree in Journalism. I've created documentary films, visited 30 countries and lived abroad in Scotland, Hong Kong and Jerusalem.

"Josh, will you work with me?"

My favorite clients are the leaders who sell big ideas. These are the brands - the movements - built on meaning. (Like in Joey Reiman's book Purpose.)

I work with million dollar companies. I also work with agencies, coaches, speakers, authors (and soon to be authors.)

Just click to fill in my questionnaire.


"i'll buy a Bains storm if I know what it is"

The Bains Storm is a private, 60 minute+ session to take your business to the next level.

Together we'll create a strategy. Before we speak, I'll educate myself about you and your offering using your online material or other media that you send to me.

Every leader needs an outside opinion to make the best decisions. (In case you don't believe me, read the chapter called 'Avoid a Narrow Frame' in Chip & Dan Heath's Book Decisive.

I'll prepare for you prior to the session, and we'll emerge with a road map that can get you to the next level.

Just push this.


Viva la Difference 

You've seen that a lot of people know plenty about marketing.

But not many marketers know writing, interviewing and how to hone your story into an asset that will sell. A writer-marketer can help you open a story-loop that clients love - with the right purpose - best for you, your business or your book.

  • I can help you figure out who you're talking to, and what they will respond to.
  • I can help you explain what you care about or need to sell. 
  • I can interview you, your executive team and outside sources. 
  • I can deliver wonderful copy that will transform the way you show up in the world.

Add target, need, story and great writing together and you'll deliver impact that builds whatever you want...    

Remember, I'm a full time marketer, writer and consultant.
If you're serious about building your brand with a big idea, give me a call.


"Josh, Can I hire you to write a book for me?" 

Yes. If you've got a story, an idea or an organization that you want to differentiate with a powerful piece of writing - the kind that doesn't go stale - then we've got to talk.

"josh, can I Hire you to Write something else for Me?"

Whether you're looking for video scripts, advertising, white papers, SEO optimized blogs or hard-hitting landing page copy I'm always game to hear about new projects with a big idea.

Just click here.


"josh, Can I hire you for Project consulting?"

If you're looking for a long term marketing partner to build a brand, create a service or product, or provide your organization with a marketing overhaul - we can create a mid to long-term partnership.

Just click now.



the story about me and fonzie

Sometimes, you find someone who can guide you, often just in the nick of time. 

I was interning at the office of New Play Development at the Mark Taper Forum, the largest theatre on the West Coast. It wasn't surprising to see Al Pacino walking down the hallway tailed by his no-nonsense bodyguard. 

I narrated the first staged reading of Neil Simon's The Dinner Party, a pretty forgettable play. But I will not forget my talk with it's star, actor Henry Winkler - The Fonz.

We were standing outside on a rehearsal break. Jane Curtin and Neil Simon were there. Winkler was smoking a stogie that he stored wrapped in a plastic sandwich bag. I asked him for a piece of life advice, and he said: 

"Josh, if you remember just two things that I say, remember this. Number one, don't trust the fear. And number two--" [he jammed his finger into my gut till it hurt] "--trust that above everything else."


When you're building a business, it's hard to trust your guts. 

To do the unasked for and think your idea, your dream, is actually going to work. That's why writing the story of your business and especially yourself is intrinsically hard.


Why it's important to hire a writer-marketer 

If these ring true for you -- we could be a good fit:

  • You want a fresh perspective. A person who can offer you new ideas and shake up how you market your product with a compelling USP.
  • You want to save time. Get time to devote to what you care about by putting a writer-marketer to work for your big dreams.
  • You want a partner you can trust. You CAN buy happiness when you stop going alone and hire a partner who wants your success. 
  • You want a writer-marketer. Who can write stories and marketing copy that will bring in more money, and create excitement around your brand, with real techniques that work.


Writer-Marketers Counter the Zoom Effect

We suffer from the zoom effect - we're way too close to our own material - and so we can't think of all the pieces and how to present the best idea to create a desired outcome.

This happens to the smartest people. 

When you're smart - you know a lot. You have the most to say. The most riding on the power of your ideas. That's why just about everyone can tell an even better story, or create a better idea, when in consultation with a professional. 

Even if the pro isn't going to write a word.

Speaking to an expert about your idea is liberating. It allows you to see your real offer. As Buckminster Fuller said: "It is one of our most exciting discoveries that local discovery leads to a complex of further discoveries." 

The fastest way to profit is hiring a writer-marketer to help.

Click to hire Josh now.

(Just like they did...)

It was a pleasure to work with Josh. He was instrumental in helping us brand our company. The creative direction he facilitated for our online presence and marketing has helped see actual and impressive financial gain. He met with us and took the time to listen to our needs while providing his own unique spin on the project. He’s easy to work with, creative, and detail oriented. We look forward to working with him again.
— Andrew Lock, Luxury Custom Clothier Visit: andrewlock.us

Read Your Customer's Mind!

Read Your Customer's Mind!

WARNING: Do Not Stare At the Header!

Download the Customer Mind Reading System PDF Here:

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